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The main aim of the III Conference „Stata Users Group Meeting” is to create an exchange platform enabling Stata users to present their theoretical output and the results of undertaken empiric research. The „Stata Users Group Meeting” conference is a unique and rare opportunity to become acquainted with State software for those, who have not yet had a chance to use this tool.

Participants willing to present papers are required to email the application forms to: biuro@timberlake.pl.

All papers submitted for the conference have an opportunity to be published in the quarterly "Central European Journal of Economic Modelling and Econometrics". Please add this information in the application form.

Participants willing to take part in the conference but not wishing to present papers are also required to email their application forms to: biuro@timberlake.pl.

Application form is available here.

Presentation topics might include:
  • discussion of user-written Stata programs
  • case studies of research or teaching using Stata
  • discussions of data management problems
  • reviews of analytical issues
  • surveys or critiques of Stata facilities in specific fields, etc.
Paper presentation formal requirements:
  • the abstract should be up to 1 A4 page long
  • papers are allowed to be presented either in Polish or English
  • editorial requirements for the paper and presentation will be sent in a separate email confirming the paper selection
  • presentation should last approx. 15-20 minutes (depending on the number of presentations).
  • participants wishing to attend III Conference "Stata Users Group Meeting" are required to fill out the application form available above
  • the Contest Board will select the abstracts and qualify the papers for presentation
  • in case of a resignation from participation in III Conference „Stata Users Group Meeting” please inform us ASAP via email of telephone
  • the organizers reserve the right for further use of paper excerpts or information about their authors
    (including the publication of the authors and their tutors’ names in promotional materials published by Timberlake Consultants Ltd. and used on their website www.timberlake-consultancy.com).
Timetable for the participants:
20.09.2012 – application deadline (also for participants who will not be presenting a paper)
20.09.2012 – presentation title and abstract deadline
24.09.2012 – presentations qualification
28.09.2012 – deadline for conference fee payment
01.10.2012 – paper and multimedia presentation deadline
19.10.2012 – conference starts
Timetable for participant willing to take part in the master lecture only:
01.10.2012 – application deadline
19.10.2012 – Master Lecture

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